A women empowerment photographer who is

incredibly passionate about helping all women

see the beauty in them selves! My goal is to help all women feel unquestionably beautiful, strong and worthy through the most powerful yet insecure phases in their lives.

Showing them the SEXY, CONFIDENT, BADASS that's been inside them all along!

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Why Boudoir?

What can I expect from this experience? Im nervous! What if I don't know how to pose? My body isn't boudoir ready! Im not photogenic!

Let these testimonies answer these questions for you and help put your mind at ease!



“Working with Brittany was exactly what I needed at just the right time. She does everything in her power to make sure you feel comfortable and beautiful. As soon as a session is booked she's available for any and all questions or concerns. She listens and is open to ideas whether that's a pose, a theme, a sentimental something you want included, or literally a vision you dreamt up and want to see what she can do with it. She is incredibly passionate at what she does and pours her soul into this business”

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